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Debut of the Beliefs & Consequences Podcast!

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

I am elated to announce the debut of the Beliefs & Consequences podcast!

This Hebrew-language podcast is targeted to Israelis and Hebrew speakers who want to bend their minds as host and producer Daniel Adar explores, discusses, and contemplates people’s beliefs and their consequences as they relate to society and culture, science, religion, politics, economics, and psychology. Engaging and provocative guests will join the podcast from time to time. Listen with an open mind, challenge your own beliefs, and question everything.

I’m thrilled to work with my life partner, Daniel Adar דניאל אדר, on this project as the Executive Producer and CMO. My days are filled with development, digital marketing, and editing, and I’ve come back to my broadcast roots and my undergrad degree in Communcations.

Not a Hebrew speaker? We’ll have episodes in English, and Spanish, too!

Listen for free at, or tune in on your favorite podcast app (search for Beliefs & Consequences). Don’t forget to subscribe!

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