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Blogger Spotlight: Karen Or of Street Chic Tel Aviv

The world between the beaches of California to the beaches of Israel is vast and diverse, but the one thing both coasts have in common is fashion blogger Karen Or's imprint.

The American-Israeli street style blogger is in the BFrow Spotlight, but it's her enthusiasm, pride, and dedication that shine through.

Picture yourself pretty in the Mediterranian sun as you learn more about this talented blogger and what makes her so popular.

Style Blogger Karen Or.


Named one of The Culture Trip's "5 Israeli 'It Girls' To Follow On Instagram," it's easy to see why this San Francisco Bay Area native has such an ardent following on her blog and social media. Karen Or's name is on the lips of everyone from fashion followers to Israeli influencers, and her light is so bright that it's megawatt.

Karen grew up in California with daydreams of being a fashion designer, and at night, she'd fall asleep dreaming of fashion. Not a hobby, not just a passion-- fashion has been her love for as long as she can remember. Across the globe, there are some of her former classmates whose style she would document, which no doubt was the foundation of her growing career as a fashion blogger.

At age 19, Karen traded sartorial pieces for an Army uniform when she decided to join the Israel Defence Forces, serving as a shooting instructor for two years. Majestic Jerusalem and the delicious foods and gorgeous beaches of Tel Aviv appealed to her soul and she decided to stay in Israel, where she has made her own home, business (she's also a social media and public relations manager), and the focus of her style blog.

Street Chic Tel Aviv began almost four years ago as a street style blog, and now includes inspiration and her astonishingly easy DIY tutorials (check out her videos, try them out, and you'll know what I'm talking about). Karen became really passionate about her blog over the past year, and her passion resonates with her thousands of blog and social media followers. She comments that street style is a lot of work, and her efforts show in her work and especially her images. Against the backdrop of the quaint and artistic Tel Aviv neighborhood, Neve Tzedek, a beach at sunset, or flanked by towering palm trees, the beauty of Israel is almost lost because her radiance and talent for truly showing off style really leaps out in her photos. It's hard to decide which is more captivating-- what is highlighted in the picture, or Karen herself. She's that good.

Shifting from street style to her personal style is an easy one for Karen to pull off because she is so rooted in the fashion sense she gleaned from her grandmother, Margalit, who Karen describes as "put together and chic in her hats and pencil skirts." Mix Margalit's influence with a preference for edgy and boho looks, and you've got an evolved, high-end vintage style that transcends decade, passing fashions, and cultures. A clean, 1970s color palatte mixed with knowledge of self and her nose for what's new-but-lasting signifies Karen's presentation of herself-- what identifies her, speaks to her, and makes her feel comfortable in her own clothes.

She inspires her followers all over the world who admire her capability to literally "make it work" (seriously, you've gotta check out her DIY videos), but she stays inspired by other fashion bloggers like Julia Kuczyńska (Maffashion) and Danielle Bernstein (WeWoreWhat), and bloggers on LookBook. "Different bloggers, different styles," Karen says. She notes the current state of global fashion with so many girls who want to look like Kylie Jenner, all dressed in Zara and H&M, when there is so much more to be inspired by.

"Everyone can do it. Be a dreamer." -Karen Or

Karen doesn't take the art and talent to influence lightly. She loves to be creative and to deftly and expertly show others how to create or recreate looks. She shares with her followers how to have amazing outfits and how to do easy wardrobe upgrades, all without knowing how to sew. Receiving feedback that someone loves her Instagram and inspiration posts fuels her to continue with her current focus.

Style Blogger Karen Or.


When you see Karen Or, you see an Israeli blogger who incorporates the casual, laid-back Tel Aviv style with her boho aesthetic, taking something old and making it new again, and glimpses of Grandma Margalit who is the embodiment of chic. Most of all, you see a confident woman who is living out her dreams, now documenting her own style for the world to enjoy, too.

Follow Karen Or on Instagram and Facebook.

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