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Where Technology is Taking the Future of Fashion Blogging

Profile and article published on SheKnows:

With the decline in traditional blogging and the rise in social media platforms like Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook, YouTube, and others, you’ve probably noticed that the number of up-and-coming fashion and lifestyle bloggers is exponentially on the rise.

The digital age is now the visual age and many assert that visuals are now more important than written content. It almost seems like anyone with a smartphone can become a blogger today in order to showcase their outfit of the day, make Facebook Live videos to engage with their audience in real time, showing off brands in their SnapChat stories, using YouTube for product reviews, etc. However, blogging is no easy feat! It can be daunting to find fresh and relevant content, reach the right audience, and once you do, keep them engaged. But how can a fashion and lifestyle blogger stand out from a crowded space?

The future of fashion blogging:

Bloggers can now be seen seated front row at fashion shows and some are even being invited by the designers themselves. They are also appearing in high-profile ad campaigns, and even developing their own clothing lines, creating a blurry line that separates bloggers from influencers, and influencers from models.

As technology advances and online communities become ever closer, the future of fashion blogging is focused on ease, reach, and community.

Ease - Using platforms that enable bloggers to add content quickly and easily is essential in order for them to showcase their style, aesthetic, personality and knowledge, especially since many bloggers don’t come from a programming and design background. Learning and staying on top of plugins, add-ons, etc. can be confusing and time confusing.

Reach - Also paramount is reaching a targeted, yet wide and growing audience. Bloggers need readers to consume and share their content, like their photos, click on their affiliate links, and keep coming back for more.

Community - That’s why an interactive community of bloggers and readers is the wave of the fashion future. Bloggers can learn from each other, interact with readers, promote themselves and their brands, and so much more in an interesting and supportive community online. But it can be challenging to gain the attention from followers when there are so many bloggers out there. How can they quickly gain a dedicated following?

Technology is paving the way for fashion bloggers to quickly grow their following.

Over the past decade, technological advances in ecommerce and social ecommerce disruption have given way for fashion blogging to develop into an ideal medium for communication between the fashion industry and its consumers. Retailers use fashion blogs to gain publicity and popularity for their brands. Online affiliate marketing has also become a powerhouse resource and investment for any fashion brand via influential fashion bloggers.

The tech sector has been giving bloggers and influencers powerful ways of reaching people and sharing information about fashion, lifestyle, brands, etc. Apps for blogging, sharing images, and communicating with followers, influencers and potential customers are just some examples of how tech has changed fashion and lifestyle content, and thus their communities.

BFrow, for instance, provides an instant community for bloggers to tap into. It provides the ease, reach and community that bloggers need to stand out from the crowd. By merging, and evolving blogging and tech, fashionistas and fashion bloggers can now more than ever, create, engage, share and learn together in order to bring the best to the online fashion and lifestyle world.

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