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 Areas of Expertise:


  • Executive Consulting (Specializing in Management, Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy, and Leadership Development)

  • Inbound Marketing Management (Specializing in Content Strategy)

  • Organizational Management (Consulting​)

  • Journalism and Public Relations

About Yolanda

Yolanda Michelle Hairston Adar is a Global Executive Management & Marketing Consultant as well as a Business Coach, and a multi-faceted Senior Marketing Professional whose passion is working with and for women and BIPOC entrepreneurs, start-ups, and SMBs. She is a burgeoning expert in optimizing digital marketing efforts with Artificial Intelligence.


Hairston Adar, a native of the United States, resides in her second home of Israel, which is known throughout the world as the Start-Up Nation or “Silicon Wadi.” She has a nearly two decades of experience working in tech startups in Tel Aviv and sharing her education and expertise with managers and C-levels to help them scale and optimize their businesses.


She started her career working in newsrooms, and enjoyed a successful career as a television news producer for an ABC affiliate in her hometown in North Carolina, USA. After several years, she left journalism to study Organizational Management and Leadership in graduate schools, where she furthered her formal education. Hairston Adar is a proud graduate of Salem College, one of the oldest institutions of higher learning and a prominent women’s college in the USA, where she earned degrees in Spanish and Communications with specializations in Journalism and Telecommunications; Pfeiffer University, from where she holds a Master of Science in Organizational Management, and she is ABD for her Ph.D. in Management.


Passionate about digital marketing, entrepreneurship, organizational culture, and business growth, Hairston Adar has been instrumental in helping small to medium business owners in the USA, Israel, Mexico, the UK, and Australia develop strategies for success. From inbound marketing strategy to content development, social media marketing to public relations, and change management to customer service training, Yolanda Hairston Adar is a fountain of knowledge, experience, and inventive ideas to propel business to the stratosphere. 


Always open to a diverse clientele, Hairston Adar is especially excited to help women, especially those who are reentering the workforce or are starting their own “side hustles;” BIPOC entrepreneurs and employees who are seeking change in their professions and are often under-served, under-promoted, and under-valued in the greater work landscape, and marginalized communities of employees with disabilities and LGBTQ+ employees who also face discrimination in the hiring and promotion processes.


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the “Great Resignation” and the resulting multitudes of people under- or unemployed, Hairston Adar decided to revamp her own business and is launching Evimero Consulting to provide her full range of services digitally and virtually for anyone around the globe who needs her as a consultant or coach. Evimero means, “thrive,” in Greek, and helping budding professionals, entrepreneurs, and new managers thrive in order to reach their fullest potential for success in business is exactly what she does best.


Hairston Adar is a co-founder of Beliefs & Consequences Media and produces the “Beliefs & Consequences podcast” with her husband, Daniel Adar. She also enjoys writing, cultural events, vegan cooking, and travel.

In addition, Hairston Adar is developing and producing new shows on the horizon. Stay tuned!

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